6 essential Christmas Table Setting Ideas by Pottery Sol y Tierra

6 essential Christmas Tablescaping Ideas

6 essential Christmas Tablescaping Ideas

You won't believe what a difference a fir branch and holiday ribbon can make.

Nothing better to welcome friends and family to take care of the tablescape.

Tablescaping is a great way to bring your home interior ambiance right on the table.

Now, let's build from here and add these 6 Christmas table decor ideas to achieve the look and to create the ambiance.


Christmas Table Setting Ideas 


The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you're no doubt starting to plan the table decorations for your Christmas celebration. The key to any festive holiday table is a buying the right accents and statement pieces ahead of time, so you're ready to create an elegant and merry table when all of your party guests come knocking.

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In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we've rounded up beautiful table setting ideas to inspire your holiday dinner table, whether you're using it to host an in person feast or as a festive backdrop to make your virtual celebrations feel special.

 Christmas table centerpiece


Place cards, festive napkins, table runner, and special dinnerware help set the joyous scene for a holiday meal, but the centerpiece is the real show-stopper of your table. So once you set the menu for the holiday feast, you'll want to think about decor, because seriously, the right atmosphere will make your Christmas goose taste even better. Here's where you'll find all the DIY inspiration you need for your prettiest, most festive table yet. Ahead, discover 30 holiday centerpieces and table decorations to recreate this season.

Christmas Table Setting Ideas


But if there's ever been a time to embrace the tablescape, it's right now. Most of my recent dining has been at home, at the table where I feed my toddler macaroni and cheese every night; with many of us not traveling or seeing family for the holidays, our celebratory dinners may not feel that out of the ordinary. Our holiday meals deserve a little pomp, and I’ve never wanted to lean into it more.

Dinner set for Christmas

A beautifully set table isn't just pretty to look at: table decoration gives diners a mood boost, too, says Emily Painter, founder of tabletop rental company Freshly Set. “It’s especially important now that things have changed a bit and we’re having smaller groups. Even if it’s not a big event, you can still make it feel intimate and special," she advises. Just adding nice themed napkin rings creates a good conversation opener for the hosts. Add pine cones and voila! Great way to start. And this can be also a great mother – kids activity, since DIY is a great way to prepare for Holidays ambiance when the kids are out of school.

Christmas Table decor Ideas

With the right approach, creating a tablescape that’s a little bit glamorous and whimsical isn’t as hard as it looks

Guide to Creating a Picture-Perfect Tablescape

Step 1: Plan Ahead

First things first: Approach tabletop design the way you would a room, suggests Georgia-based interior place designer Maggie Griffin. Consider the place, size and shape of the table—a round table, for example, calls for a low centerpiece, while a rectangular table is better suited for a linear one.

Christmas Table Ideas


Step 2: Pick the Right Backdrop

Tablecloths obviously take up the largest amount of space on your table and will set the tone of your table decor. “Even if you have plain white china and regular glasses, the look can totally change depending on what tablecloth you have and what pattern you choose. And it’s the easiest way to make a statement,” says Painter.

Christmas Table Pinterest Ideas


Step 3: Layer, Layer, Layer

One way that Griffin likes to add texture and dimension to her table is by using rattan placemats at each place setting. Rattan adds a natural element to the table and contrasts nicely from a patterned tablecloth.

Beautiful Christmas Table inspiration Ideas


Step 4: Accessorize with Flowers

Flowers are a non-negotiable element of any holidays table, but they don’t need to be elaborate to make a statement. If you find diy floral arrangement on Pinterest, or you’re trying to watch your budget, stick with just one type of flower, says Joseph: “What you want is to create an impact, and more is more." For an easy diy centerpiece, she suggests buying three bunches of roses and filling a decorative tureen with them. You can also divide the flowers up among small vases and arrange them down the table interspersed with candles.

Christmas flatware


Step 5: Add Height

Vertical interest is what sets a true Holidays diy table ideas apart from an everyday table setting. One of the best ways to add height is with taper candles and candlesticks. “They’re fun ornaments ideas because you can mix in different materials—add some silver, some brass, even some ceramic,” says Griffin. She also suggests varying the heights of the candles and interspersing them with lower motives. More tapers equal more drama, but even just adding two or four can add flair.

Christmas Table DIY Ideas


Step 6: Don't Forget the Details

Finally, consider a few small additions that make table decorations to feel extra personal, like handwritten place cards. Christmas table must haves are “A handwritten menu card on top of your dinner plate is also such a fun way to give your tablescape more personality,” says Griffin. It also makes a great souvenir for guests to take home!

You can extend the table décor from the Christmas dinner up to the living room easily by adding Christmas balls, Santa’s themed socks and many other small elements.

Christmas setting ideas

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