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Home decor for Fall 21 : Top 5 Bestsellers Centerpieces for Fall 2021

The fall season brings with it so many things: pumpkin festivals, leaf-peeping trips, Thanksgiving's harvest, and the coming of winter. And as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to cool, entertaining makes its move indoors.
Nothing feels better than coming back home and feel the fall decor on your living space. Fall mantel, something festive on the fireplace, white pumpkins and even decor on the front porch or front door.
Elevate the gathering with a seasonal centerpiece for your dining table.

For a fall centerpiece, gather what's readily found in your backyard; fallen foliage, knotty branches, pumpkins, and gourds make great fodder for a centerpiece, and you can easily scent these items with cinnamon or other fragrances that speak to the season.

A fall wreath is an easy way to start decorating your home to welcome this new season. In short time, Halloween decorations will be everywhere but you want to extend that feeling across all the season.

Discover the top 5 fall decorations for tablescaping here and make them yours by following the links on the images.

Fall colors are in your outdoor space, but let's bring some joy inside as well.

Fall season brings new colors that impact our mood

Colors tend to be rather limited during the fall season with natural earth tones and fiery hues of red, orange, and gold.

Focus on texture to bring out the colors of fall and add visual interest to your fall centerpiece. Think of dried wheat, fall vegetables, dark flowers, and other combinations that speak to your vision for the season.

Bringing the colors of fall season in the center of the table

You can also create floral arrangements in traditional colors or a set of glowing lanterns to brighten the table. Your centerpiece can be made to match a Halloween party theme or use a variety of colors and sizes that can be arranged to create your own fall aesthetic.

Earthy arrangements that incorporate terra-cotta plates, dark-colored vegetables like deep-purple artichokes make for a great display on the table. And you certainly can't go wrong with fragrant sprigs of rosemary or clove sticks. 

Decorate your table with anything that speaks to you: Pumpkins, gourds, nuts, flowers, leaves, candles, and other seasonal materials are all fair game. Whatever you choose, it's safe to say that all eyes will be on these tableau arrangements that perfectly mirror the bounties of the season.

Bringing the fall season colors to the table centerpiece

1 Pumpkin tulipière

This spirited arrangement is enough to make your standard jack-o'-lanterns jealous. Inspired by tulipière vases, which have multiple openings to hold individual stems, we drilled small holes in blush-hued "Porcelain Doll" pumpkins and then stacked them. We stuck in dahlias and chrysanthemums, but any firm-stemmed fall blooms will stand out beautifully.

2 Candles and fruit centerpieces

Lamp chimneys bring this natural centerpiece to life. After sourcing them from your local hardware or antique store, fill them with a mix of taper and pillar candles for a multi-dimensional look. Then, surround the votives with seasonal fruit and foliage to complete your autumn-inspired tabletop.

3 Skull Centerpiece

Give your table an elegant Halloween-inspired upgrade by placing flowers in a skull vase alongside skeleton hands posed to "hold" inky tapers. Make your own by combining "Black Beauty" roses, allium, and carnivorous cobra lilies; place blooms inside a glass vessel (it should be small enough to fit inside the skull). Complete this vignette by hot-gluing candlesticks or their bud vase holders to your bone hand display.

4 Floral centerpiece

Enhance your tablescape with fall-centric florals and leaves. This centerpiece was composed by placing green-and-burgundy flowers and greens into low vessels. Situate each arrangement in between mismatched chargers or plates; using the same flatware and glassware, however, will unify the aesthetic.

5 Colorful pumpkin centerpiece

Mismatched pumpkins and gourds can be transformed into a colorful tabletop display for your small autumn celebrations. We created these adorable pieces by painting a mix of large and small pumpkins in yellow, light green, dark green, orange, white, and off-white hues. After letting the pumpkins dry completely in-between coats, paint the stems a metallic gold. Once everything is dry, arrange the centerpiece in a whimsical fashion, as pictured here, for a simple, eye-catching statement.

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