Tabletop inspirations for fall season

2 Favorite Tabletop Styles For Fall Season

2 Favorite tabletop Styles For Fall season - inspirations for tablescaping now

I'm so excited (and completely freaked out) to be hosting this new fall season with our friends group at our home this year. And in preparation, of course I've been looking up ton of ideas for how to set the table! This is my favorite season, and I'm not about to miss the opportunity to create a cozy setting for my friends and family.

I adore tablescape, this extends my home ambiance up to the middle of the table (litteraly)

I like spending time reading coffee table books about home decor, tablescaping, gardening...this one is one of Amazon Bestsellers for fall 2021


What I love about fall season is that - at least in our home - we keep things beautiful and simple. So even though I'm taking inspiration from this fall tabletop styles, ours will definitely be low key. I can't wait to share with you what we've come up with too, but for now ... I hope these setting will inspire some of your own creativity!



T E R R A   C O T T A 

terra cotta dishes and fun florals for a fall table | inspiring thanksgiving table setting ideas on coco kelley

Find this tabletop dinner set in the collection Terracotta here

Not so much a style as a color, this material is calling my name this season! I love the richness of terra cotta - especially in these settings. For such an autumnal color it's surprisingly fresh paired with those greens! This look feels very California to me - casual and eclectic. To me this table is all about texture and pattern that feels earthy and playful at the same time.

D A R K   H Y G G E

If your dining room is as dark as mine, it might make sense to embrace this moody look, and get your hygge on while you're at it. Loads of candlelight and simple pieces make this style relatively easy to recreate! Plus, I love how a well styled dish pops on an all black setting. The key to this look is to mix in plenty of warm woods to offset the coldness of the black.

Black dinner set by Pottery Sol y Tierra

Find this tabletop dinner set in the collection Charcoal here

...and now that your table is set-up, what about addind this dramatic table centerpiece?


And don't forget this trend for decorating your Holidays table in 2021


..bonus: 2 floral fantasies?

The art of the table

The art of the table

Ok, so obviously most of us (none of us?) will not be recreating these insanely gorgeous settings for our at-home floral fantasies for Fall season tables, what about these dried pampas?

but I had to finish this list off with some mega inspiration. I suppose if you were in the mood to invest in some grasses for your landscaping, the first one could be a possibility? I'm dying to do one of these installations in my studio so we can keep it up for an entire season, but that's not happening this year!

As for all the tables above - here's another easy look at all the sources, by style. Which one is your favorite, or closest to your usual Fall look? Mine's leaning pretty terra-cotta this year!

A last word about winning the transition to fall season:

August is summer’s last “hoorah” and the transition into the fall season. For some of you it may be too early to even begin thinking of fall. For others it may be the perfect timing to start dreaming of cool crisp mornings, pumpkin spiced coffee and the sight of pumpkins on front porches everywhere.

About decoration your porch or main door, What are your thoughts about adding garlands?


Soon enough those long, sunny days and warm nights will be replaced with shorter, cooler days and even cooler nights. Fall is that in-between season where you can still enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the heat. It’s also the season that reminds us that change can be good and letting go is part of life (as cheesy as that may sound). With each new fall season I am reminded to relax and enjoy this season before one of the busiest times of the year begins… Christmas!

Although fall has its perks of cooler weather and pumpkin festivities it may be hard to get into the actual fall spirit. If you’re needing some ideas to help get you feeling all the fall vibes this season below are a few ideas to get you started.


Get prepared by taking care of yourself, eating healthy and sleeping as many hours as your body needs.

About eating well, here is the book I found that Amazon just put it on Bestsellers now

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