What is Japandi? the new minimalism looks like this

What is Japandi? the new minimalism looks like this

What is Japandi? the new minimalism looks like this

Did yo heard about his new trend? Japandi is the new minimalism and it seems it's here to stay.

As minimalist myself, I like to stay updated and to keep my living space as much minimalist as possible as keeping it welcoming to my friends and family.

I already added more natural color palette earth tones to create this modern minimalist style. And I did not invest that much, simply adding layers on sofa, some details on furniture and decluttered my wall floating shelves.

Even I extended the feeling from the living area to the kitchen decor. Highlighting terracotta tones to create the earthy texture to get this so called Japandi aesthetic.

So if as me, you feel intrigued about Japandi, let me put together some of the basics here.


First of all, I want to be clear, I'm not a professional blogger or interior designer, I'm a home and garden decor enthusiast and I practice minimalism in my life and in mu small on-line store. I created Pottery Sol y Tierra to promote the well-being through Feng Shui inspired potteries and decorations.

So you are wondering what Japandi means?

Japandi is a home decoration style.

The Japandi style is a style of furnishing and interior decoration resulting from a mixture between the styles of Scandinavian and Japanese decoration.

If as me you appreciate Scandinavian decor and Japanese eclectic style, you will adopt this Japandi as soon as now.

Every decor lover just swooned. Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism in this rising home decor trend. Sleek lines, neutral color schemes and calming setups will be on the radars of pinners everywhere.

  • Natural color palette earth tones
  • Modern minimalist kitchen
  • Minimalist bathroom designs

The result of searching Japandi on Pinterest is so beautiful, just click here to discover the lasts Pïns about it

Pinterest is a great way to stay updated about any trend. It helping home decor enthusiasts create their dream Japandi aesthetic. Home retail brands promote a new bedding or bath collection in neutral shades, but how to integrate pottery to Jacandi ?

Would you like to discover my Pins? Find them here

Japandi is the new minimalism and is inspired by both , Japanese

and Scandinavian interior styles.


The basics about this new trend, Japandi : between Scandinavian and Japanese style


Scandinavian style reigns supreme in our interiors. In particular, it makes them more refined by forcing us to abandon the frills and put too flashy colors in the closet. 

At the same time, the Japanese style, more discreet in terms of notoriety, offers us simple interiors that are conducive to contemplation. 

Discover these japanese inspired stoneware dinner sets here

These two movements therefore have one strong point in common: minimalism. And both invite us to refocus on the essential in our decoration, and more broadly in our lives. The japandi trend therefore brings them together in order to get the best out of each one!

Read about how to create Feng Shui style in your garden here

Febg SHui garden decor by Pottery Sol y Tierra

When you look at a Scandinavian bedroom and another japandi trend, you immediately notice the similarities between the two styles. So, as on our plate we appreciate the Asian fusion (especially when the chef Pierre Sang is in charge), we say to ourselves that it is only a matter of time before imagining a style of decoration on the border between these two cultures.

Find nice Japandi clay dinner sets here

But ultimately, the countdown is no longer necessary. Because the japandi is already there, around us. And personally, I will take it again a second time!

The Japandi trend, a delicate blend of Wabi-sabi and Scandi

Do you remember the Wabi-Sabi ? 

The Wabi Sabi indeed offers us to turn to simplicity and appreciate the effects of time on nature and objects.

In interior design all goes fast. We passed from eclectic, to Hygge to Wabi-Sabi.

Do you remember Hygge?

Find my thoughts about it here

Hygge and taking a pause in your life

And going back to Wabi-Sabi, It is about this style of decoration, or rather this art, which consists in seeing the beauty in the evolution of things as time passes. It is the rust which invites itself on the metal, the parquet which lives and the door which creaks.

Do you feel entering into observation mode when staying in front of a piece of art?

It happens to be even drinking my morning coffee with these beautiful handcrafted coffee mugs

What we see is that this way of appreciating all the small details that contribute to the shaping of the history of an object.

This is basically the essence found in the japandi trend.

But this approach is tempered by the Scandinavian side of this style of decoration. Light wood, white, simple and natural materials reinforce the softness and luminosity of Japandi.

Have you ever been at Ikea? This is so unique, even knowing that they mass produce.

In both cases, one thing is certain: simplicity is the watchword.

 We then limit its consumption to what is strictly necessary. It is therefore sustainable materials that we recommend. Both for their environmentally friendly character. But also, for their aesthetic appearance today which we will also benefit in 20 years.

So how to get the Japandi look in 3 easy steps?

  • Eliminate the clutter

  • Let natural light flood the room

  • Swap the ornaments for a few designer pieces

The goal is to make the decor simple but also functional and aesthetic.

Does this sounds like Feng Shui to you? fair enough

Jacandi interior ideas by Pottery Sol y Tierra

Thus the minimalism of Japanese design and the simplicity of Scandinavian lines have come together to reinvent a clean, timeless style of elegant subtlety. Personally, I have only one desire: to adopt it!

The clean color palette for a home with Scandinavian Japanese decor

A Scandinavian decoration banished black unless it was exclusively accompanied by white. In the japandi home, it's the opposite. It is used a lot and it comes with neutral tones and natural colors.

For classic colors, there are of course white, different shades of cream as well as beige. Everything then turns to more earthy tones such as brown or chestnut. But these hues, instead of turning to warmer tones, tend to join green. Adding new tones was also described on my last blog post, find it on number 10.

Paint tones for outdoor living spaces

Finally, we can clearly see the dominance of natural colors. Indeed, all the colors finally resume those found on the outside.

You can sprinkle blush pink over everything to add some color if the style seems too austere. Also, to bring a little life, it is possible to add green plants in every corner.

Sprinkle blush pink will be great to match it with earthen terra-cotta home essentials. Find some ideas on my Home & Decor Pinterest board here

Japandi at home, what does it give?

Like that, it may seem simple. 

But in reality, adopting the Japandi trend at home is not that simple. This is mainly due to the fact that it is often difficult to get rid of the superfluous. This could be easy if you are minimalist minded, as I am.

You can also find me on Instagram here 

and on Pinterest here 

And this even though these things are sometimes toxic. By the way, if you have trouble sorting, I strongly advise you to follow the advice given in Marie Kondo's storage method. 

For that, I let you refer to his book The Power of Less.

In the meantime, here is a small shopping list to inspire you and get you on the way to a Japandi decoration at home!

Japandi home decor accents


1 - Washed linen cushion cover, Onéga // 2 - Concrete planter // 3 - Vintage bistro chair // 4 - Minimalist vase // 5 - Woood solid oak dining table // 6 // 7 - Teapot porcelain and bamboo // 8 - crackled coffee cup // 9 - Jenson bench // 10 - Black wooden chair // 11 - La Redoute Intérieurs plate // 12 - deep enamelled stoneware plate AM.PM // 13 - Teak stool solid // 14 - Moroccan style stool

Thanks for reading.

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