Top 3 benefits of clay pot cooking - the truth about cooking on earthen vessels

Top 3 benefits of clay pot cooking - the truth about cooking on earthen vessels

Top 3 benefits of clay pot cooking

Discover the truth about cooking on earthen vessels

In this new blog post I'll go through the top three benefits, the top three hacks...and three bonus as well...are you ready?

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Cooking on clay fire pit chiminea

Let's start by the top three benefits of cooking in an earthen pot

1 Clay pot's porous nature lets both moisture & heat to circulate through the food that results in slowly cooked yet aromatic meals.

Handi paneer on clay casserole pot by Pottery Sol y Tierra

2 Pure clay also retain the natural nutrients of the food that is usually lost in other types of utensils.

Vegetable soup on handmade clay pot

3 Cooking on earthen tableware enhances slow-cooking with keep the fibers of vegetables and meats and does not burn them as cooking on metal cooking pots.

Traditional clay handi with lid by Pottery Sol y Tierra

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Is not cool that cooking on clay pots add the natural nutrients of earth on our meals?

Here are some hacks to keep your clay pots longer

  1. BEFORE USING: Dip the utensil completely in water for a day to soak. After that, just let air dry. Your new clay pot is ready to use.
  2. HEATING TIPS: Always cook with low to medium flame. Using a heat diffuser prevent expansion to ceramic so it will last more time without cracking the vessel.
  3. AVOID: When the vessel is hot do not pour cold water, let the casserole pot or cooking utensil temperature come to normal then wash.

Care instructions by Pottery Sol y Tierra


Essentials on how to take care of clay vessels:

  1. WASHING TIPS: Always avoid Metallic scrubber rather use Soft sponge or just your hands.
  2. STORAGE: Allow the vessel to dry completely before storage. Pots and pans with lid, place a hand towel between the lid and the vessel to let air circulate and prevent moist.
  3. ONCE A WEEK: Fill half the vessel with water, boil for 3 min & then dispose the water to remove oil & stains, this will also reduce the risk of creating mold and clean the pores of the utensil
  4. SUPPORTING COMMUNITIES: since handmade vessels are mostly made in eastern countries, this helps to keep traditions alive. Clay art is as old as humanity itself and don't forget this was the first type of dinnerware that ever existed

Traditional pottery by Pottery Sol y Tierra

Here are some ideas about great recipes that you can cook on your new clay pot: Best for Cooking Kadhai Chicken / Kadhai Paneer / Biryani or any other Curry items
Clay pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulfur to food, which are extremely beneficial to our body.

Clay cooking vessels are also used by Ayurveda


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