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5 steps to enhance coziness with pottery

5 steps to enhance coziness with pottery

Do you want to easily create little unforgettable moments?

Adopt the hygge lifestyle. Hygge Is a Nordic word meaning a feeling of “well being.”

It describes a special feeling of minimalism coziness that can be created in simplicity, as you want it, as you feel it. This is an intimate moment that you set up to enjoy observation with one self.

Small candles to light up these warm moments

North-Europeans are credited for popularizing this lifestyle, Scandinavians have all honed the concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh) over decades. It’s a way to combat the long, dark winters in that area of the world and can be exported to all other cold areas...or just used on all those moments when we feel the need of warmth, comfort and reassurance.

At Pottery Sol y Tierra, we love this philosophy; actually this is the connected thread to all our products, to create beautiful moments everyday. around beautiful products..for you and for yours.

...so let's celebrate coziness together with these 5 easy steps

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Hygge celebrates a welcoming coziness that instills that feeling in yourself and others of never wanting to leave. You’ve felt hygge when your dinner guests stay into the wee hours of the night just basking in each other’s company and laughter. It’s a feeling of experiencing plenty without the stuff. Instead, it’s more about an abundance of compassion, understanding, fun and friendship. 

Though hygge is associated with the cuddly aspects of keeping warm during cold winter months, it’s a way of life even in warmer seasons when there’s joy in the air then, too. Sitting outdoors solo or with others under the expanse of a bright, starlit sky can unleash a heart-centered feeling of well-being that transcends words. Regardless of the season, slowing it down is one way to generate genuine feelings of hygge.

Using these handmade unique dinnerware sets is a great way to enhance these unique moments, find yours here

Handmade dinner sets by Pottery Sol y Tierra



Hygge interior design isn’t something you can buy or precisely plan. It’s something you can cultivate as a state of mind over time. The notion of hygge foregoes perfection. Instead, it embraces a feeling of welcome-ness in your home that goes beyond the size of your floor plan or the flawlessness of your decor. You can feel hygge in a studio apartment as well as in a sprawling five-bedroom home. It’s in older homes as well as new construction. The ability to create hygge has more to do with the intangible, and sometimes messy, qualities of lovingness and thankfulness.

The concept of hygge, however, doesn’t usually embrace overwhelming clutter. To feel hygge, you have to make it simple, light and to banish clutter in your home by gently organizing your stuff and ridding your home of things you don’t want or use.

Handmade pottery gain value when is not perfect, since handmade products are in them selves...imperfect. Those little imperfections bring up the art of hand crafting unique products. Visit ours here

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Surround yourself with simplicity. This leads to feelings of hygge. Simplicity means you have only the items you truly love around you. They give you joy when you use them or look at them. One of hygge’s unspoken principles is to avoid having too much plastic in your home and instead focus on natural materials. An edited, well-chosen assortment of beloved products helps create a calm atmosphere. 

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Doesn’t everyone want to come home to their own sanctuary? If you feel that when you walk into your home, you’ve found hygge. Creating your sanctuary is personal. It may mean infusing your interiors with more of your memories, experiences, travels, beliefs, tastes and personality. Adding these little handmade clay colorful candles is an easy way to create this sanctuary. Diyas are handmade candles coming from India...make them yours now here

 Handmade candle by Pottery Sol y Tierra


One of the concepts of hygge has to do with raw textures. They’re a way that Scandinavians find comfort in a perpetually cold environment. There’s no shortage of color, size, style and type of pottery that can bring that hygge touch into your home, and in your outdoor rooms. For safety, choose handmade organic clay pottery only. They’re are designed to be used for drink or eat in the most healthy way

Beyond mugs and bowls, cook pots are a great way to fully enjoy your meal prep. You don’t want it complicated – this can be less relaxing. Create a hygge diet by using organic ingredients and feel how this healthy living elevates not only your health but your well-being. 

With a sense of hygge, even in your meals, you’ll know that everything will be just fine. Create the hygge atmosphere in your home by using these ideas, and you’ll always feel that cozy touch.

Thanks for joining our path to simplicity...we are all in this together

Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra

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