Creating your dream garden as a therapy

Creating your dream garden as a therapy


After Elisabet's mother was admitted to the hospital in a near coma from diabetes, she turned to gardening to create a place of rest and revival to help her heal.

Elisabeth had known she'd wanted to garden for some time. "When my youngest daughter was little, she picked all the neighbor's flowers" She laughs. "I knew I had to have a garden for her, so they wouldn't all hate me"

Gardening as a therapy for COVID19 times

Most people would feel intimidated by the thought of creating a garden from scratch on a modest suburban lot, much less on a third of an acre Elisabeth has.

"We started at one end and did a section at a time" she says.

Garden Layout by Pottery Sol y Tierra

One of the first chalenges was creating a sense of privacy. "My Daughter's a very private person, and our garden was surrounded by a cyclone fence, so I needed to create a place for her in order for her to feel okay going outside"

Box planters by Pottery Sol y Tierra

Integrating box planters by Pottery Sol y Tierra was a great idea to delimitate the different garden sections.

These pots are made in a light material and finished in fiber stone, so the texture is stone and the weight makes them easy to move from oune place to another one.

Find the here

To integrate that sense of expansiveness by separating areas is great, so you can use different tones, plants and elements in a small lot. "I wanted to update the garden every season with flowers and plants, so I rotate from one section to another one every season"

Water is a healing element made by nature. It means that only its presence calms Elisabeth mother. "I did not have any experience creating water streams, actually I was scared to move forward on how to integrate water"

As Elisabeth, many people think that one need to use heavy machinery to create a water stream on the garden area. "I was so happy when finally I found a nice water fountain for my garden"

Elisabeth and her daughter found a range of solar powered water fountains for garden. Those were just perfect!

"Since they are solar powered, I did not require to hire an electrician to plug them outdoors. They run all the day, it's so beautiful"

These new garden fountains by Pottery Sol y Tierra bring the calm of the sound of running water and the right-out-of-the-box easy to install. No tools required, just plug and play.

"I would never say how this fountain created the unique sense of oasis so easy"

Find out the whole collection Oasis by Pottery Sol y Tierra here

In Fall, Elisabeth's mother was healing fast, She enjoyed sitting down on a garden corner and just contemplate the beauty of fall colors.

This was so cozy that She wanted to spend even the evening there.

Elisabeth knew She would need, soon or later any sort of outdoor heater for her.

She and daughter start searching on Pinterest, they did not have any specific idea, but they wanted something that integrates the sense of decor; they were in need of an item that could be able to create this intimate sense of eternal beauty, which is not easy.

They made the search " Pottery Fire Pit" and they were soooo impressed by the product they found

Clay Fire Pit by Pottery Sol y Tierra


Elisabeth's daughter asked her mother to purchase this beautiful handmade clay Fire pit. This would become the center piece of their garden. "Mom, this will add this texture, the stone" and Elisabeth knew this will be a center piece for their garden during chilly fall evenings.

Find this product on Pinterest here

In fall, fragrance again competes with color for center stage, "There's more earthy scent in the air, I can smell the herbs, and the vegetables ready to be harvested"

Elisabeth's garden is also packed full of shrubs and trees with beautiful fall color.

Elisabeth grows a large selection of fragrant herbs including rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, tarragon, oregano, lemon balm, cham,omile and many more.

They wanted to enjoy outdoors more and more, as the colors arise and the sunlight was lesser, they installed a wooden outdoor table to enjoy evenings near their clay chiminea.

It was the moment to find this extra touch on creating this sense of eternal garden and they decided to find earthen dinnerware to match the clay fire pit.

They went directly to Etsy, where handmade pieces are found.

Elisabeth's daughter made a quick search and...voila! what they found:

Handmade earthen dinnerware by Pottery Sol y Tierra

This seven-pieces Indian inspired dinnerware set was exactly what they needed. Durability, texture, tradition...eternal sense again.

This will match evening meals with bonfires on the ceramic fire pit.

Find it on Etsy here 

Canadian winter landscape is not less than white. As snow accumulates, the beauty of the colorful garden is hidden by the falling snow storms.

The summer-blooming perennials crumple to the ground in dormancy, the branching habit of trees and shrubs draws the eye upward, while the few plants left standing such as Sedum "Autumn Joy" add interesting puffs and mounds to the winter landscape.

Arbors, trellises and posts marking the pathways give a permanent sense of the structure and layout of the garden.

Garen decor by Pottey Sol y Tierra



Having a garden that feels new everyday is key to creating a healing space in which to recuperate, and another aspect of that is inviting life into the garden.

The lively flutters and scuffes of birds and other small wildlife add a sense of awe and wonder to the landscape. "We get quail, pheasants and any kind of bird you can think of", says Elisabeth.

Elisabeth also provides a restful place for a local stray cat "I put a heating pad near the chiminea fire pit for him during the winter" she says. The little stray and her own cat have found special places to nap around the garden

Cat and fire pit

Creating a garden this beautiful is a labor of love. While designing, Elisabeth would visit nurseries which carried locally-grown plants, which she credits to the year round success of her garde "I'd go every week to see what was blooming" she says. Because the plants weren't shipped in from another part of the country, she was able to develop an accurate idea of what would look good at every time of the year.

The healing process of Elisabeth mother's was goinf great. Finding the peace and calm of their own oasis, near the family and surrounded by that beautiful space created this intense sense of well-being.

"My mother is not gardener but she was present during the process. I would give her a task to do, so she was involved and she felt part of the project. This felt good for her to be a part of the project"

She was able to accomplish some small projects that did not require physical effort.

Of course a garden is never finished. It's apparent from the impeccably-clipped thyme around the path stones and the perfectly-in-their-place perennials that Elisabeth takes a great deal of pleasure in maintaining her exquisite landscape.

"I love being outside, my daughters love it too and our garden is now of favorite place, grandma is always there, too, all three in  of our little home.

For Elisabeth, the garden has been a place of respite and growth.

"Sometimes when life gets really ugly, if you get to work and focus on something, it helps not to let the ugly take control. By working in the garden, I was able to focus on creating something beautiful, and at the same time it allowed me to stay close to home, and be near by mother and my daughter when they needed me"

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