Hygge by Pottery Sol y Tierra

Making it Hygge, a short blog post by Pottery Sol y Tierra

What is hygge?

A short blog post about this new lifestyle approach to help you pass through these difficult times as a hero.

When scrolling down on our newly updated website www.solytierra.shop you will discover a short tinny text section with the only words of :

Inspired by the Sun and the Earth, we strongly believe that creating a comfortable atmosphere with textured raw materials help us to connect with the essence of happiness, joy and cozyness.

This is as short as important for us.

What do candles, fire pits and dinnerware sets have in common?

Candles on the chiminea by Sol y Tierra

The common points aren't in the products in them selves, but in the moments that we can create with those items.

In these COVID-19 era that we live in, the protective measures that were implemented are necessary, but can also have significant effects on peoples emotional wellbeing. Fear, anxiety, anger and sadness are increasing, because of the closure of schools, the distance from peers and adapting to new methods of learning and working, but also because of balancing of work and choirs at home, taking care of the children, fear of losing your job and the family livelihood.

Presenting food on clay dinnerware by Pottery Sol y Tierra

More than ever before, we should be taking care of ourselves by creating an atmosphere to invite calm, comfort, well-being, courage...all these ingredients to create those memorable little moments to be called Hygge.

Spending some time at the yard and lighting up a small bone fire on the handmade clay chiminea , setting up some handmade festive oil lamps to welcome your hygge moment, prepare a delicious meal on these unique black dinnerware sets or just sit down and relax under the warm ambiance of these handmade pendant lights...all these will enhance serenity, warmth, cozyness whilst taking care of your well-being.

Meditation fountain by Pottery Sol y Tierra

We love what we do, as we enjoy all the moments that we'd lived while using our products, we want you to do so, for this reason we offer exclusive products at a very affordable rates. 

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We will be winning this COVID-19 battle all together, stay safe

Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra

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