5 products to give your outdoor space an intimate sense of home

5 products to give your outdoor space an intimate sense of home

Best products to give your outdoor space an intimate sense of home

Creating a sensitive home is really easy to do, just to create a sense of abundance, a sense of warmth, a sense of coziness.

When guests are coming to your home, you want them to feel comfortable, making people feel that they belong there.

The products that I propose on my on-line store https://Solytierra.shop are the ones to enhance calm and serenity. From your kitchen to your garden , you will find exclusive products with the same pattern, the joy of minimalism, the grace of coziness...with an exotic touch

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The pieces that I choose for today’s blog post are all meant to be individual and special. They offer an aesthetic that seems that they had been collected over the years, featuring organic elements like stoneware, clay, water.

Fire place burning chiminea

Putting them on a decorative manner empowers the presence of the whole garden, making this a unique living space for a minimalist and fulfilling life.

As the Oasis collection, they offer the beautiful stone texture and the lightness of the sound of the water. Is like having your own oasis at home, even for the tiny places.

It is really important to remember how important water is. It’s also a healing element to enhance serenity, peace and welcoming.

This is similar to adding a handmade fire pit chiminea. These décor elements are great for evening gatherings, since they can hold a few candles for create a warm light point or even to fire up some branches or charcoal to prepare delicious barbecues.

Chimineas are made using only natural clay. The texture is so rough and porous that it seems they had been on your backyard forever.

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Our products come from different parts of the world, creating an instant effect of exotic and freshness. These products help you to remember how exiting the world is and there is room for your creativity to mix them in a way that reflects to eternal a garden can be by just mixing the right products.

The biggest reason I choose these products is because they reflects how easy is to create your own space and to make your living area welcoming to your guests and for yourself, adding freshness and embracing this opportunity to support global talented entrepreneurs creating unique products from traditional pottery in India to beautiful water fountains from China.

Earthen dinnerware set by Pottery Sol y Tierra

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It really matters where you spend your money, supporting small business you help to maintain alive traditions and support small communities keeping afloat after these difficult times.

I hope these products will help you creating your own cozy space, so you can entertain your loved ones and friends.

New products are updated often, you can discover the full catalog through my social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course here, on my blog.

Thanks for reading

Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra

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