How to design your dream backyard

Designing your ideal fireplace chiminea area in 5 steps

How to design the ideal outdoor gathering area

Hello and welcome to my new article.

I'm so excited to write about how to create your ideal outdoor living area. As I enjoy Outdoors all year long and I feel the benefits of having social gatherings on my backyard.

Creating your dream backyard

These limitative times had a hard impact on me, so as soon as social distancing measures started to open a bit, I started to enjoy inviting friends and family. This had an amazing impact on my mood, my health as well.

During these times, while locked at home, I spent hours upgrading, cleaning and organizing a better chiminea area on my backyard and the result pays for it self as getting my community together is my favorite activity to do.

 Today I want to share with you the basics of setting up your outdoor and to create this extension of your home living space. To achieve this, the following are the 5 considerations that I followed:

  • Gather around the light
  • Form and Function
  • Size

  • Style

  • Seating

So if you are ready to upgrade your Outdoor living area, take your favorite warm beverage and let's read!

Gathering with friends to keep the community together


Gather around the light

Bundling up around a fire can feel almost magical. What often starts for us as children, a love for s’mores and storytelling, remains ever as we age.

With the accessibility and ease of a firepit chiminea, the campfire experience can be ours anytime.

Gathered around the flames, we can revel in the dance of firelight and the warmth that wards off the night’s chill.

Conversation feels that much more special, and the atmosphere is just as comforting and inviting as your living room – with all the goodness of the great outdoors.

Cooking on a fired chiminea fireplace

Form and Function

Creating a seating, entertaining, or cooking area around the firepit can be as simple or involved as you like. Consider how you want the space to feel and how you want to use it. A more formal space where you want to entertain will be set up very differently from a relaxed area used mostly for cooking. Adding a clay chiminea fireplace on your outdoor living area is so easy and implies the aim to spend time outdoors, for great cooking and inevitable memorable conversations.

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Size is one of the most important decisions when choosing a firepit. The first consideration is satefy – when positioning a pit in the backyard you need 10 feet or more between the flame and the nearest house or structure. From there you can consider how many people you want to comfortably seat around the fire.

If you are choosing this 2-piece chiminea, you might want to add a concrete tiles, a patio fire-resistant rug or any other way to protect your flooring.

Also keep in mind the weight of the chiminea and what size you will be able to move. For this reason, we love 2-pieces chimineas as they split in half the weight to move more conveniently.

Outdoors living


Think about how you will use your firepit. If you want the feeling of a campfire, you want to place it in the middle of you chiminea area. For a more structural, intentional experience, look to fire tables, outdoor kitchen sets so you will upgrade the whole experience by having a small fridge or even a dedicated place tor the firewood and fire starter essentials.

friends around a bbq


Essential to all firepit chiminea area gathering is seating.

Rockers, lounge chairs, and outdoor upholstered seats are inviting and comfortable options. Lightweight enough to scoot closer to the fire and to have your s’mores ready right away !

Perhaps you would rather leave space for some to sit and others to stand. When temperatures dip, it’s nice to have plenty of blankets within reach so people can bundle up easily.

Pizza party

Now that you got the concept, I'm gong to leave some bonuses here.

Getting the fire going

To light a chiminea you can use these four materials: coal, firewood, pellets or even charcoal.

Personally, when cooking bbq style food, prefer to use only charcoal. When cooking pizza, I light a layer of charcoal first and add firewood gradually. The flames reach the pizza stone and the clay reaches hight temps. Charcoal is easy to find at your local hardware store and there are brands selling it smokeless or smoke-flavored, which is great when using your chimenea on your gazebo or patio.

Smores on chiminea


Cooking on the chiminea

Cooking on a chiminea is very similar than cooking on a bbq. You just have to remind that a clay chiminea may be more fragile than a steel bbq.

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peppers on chiminea

Chimineas can be made of different materials, as steel, aluminum, iron cast and clay. Today We will be covering the essentials on cooking on clay chimneas. Cast iron chimineas are a great addition to your patio and they last forever. But if not taking care properly, they tend to show rust, being toxic for food cooking.

Clay chimeneas are great for creating an outdoor fireplace easily and if ever you want to move to another spot on the garden, it's easy. The model that is showcast on the images is constructed in two pieces, so it's even easier to move. The total weight is 45 lbs but every piece weights the half of it.

A clay chiminea creates a focal point on your garden decor, it creates beauty as a well constructed farmhouse style pottery decor.

Pizza cooking for clay chiminea

how to cook pizza on a wood fired chiminea oven?

First of all, the chiminea needs to reach high temperature. 

Put a layer of charcoal on the bottom of the chiminea and fire it up. Once its warm, add the wood ( up to 2" diameter) and let flames heat the pizza stone. Once the temperature is 700F or higher, remove the pizza stone and add pizza dough on it. Replace pizza stone to the chiminea.

Since the temperature is so elevate, the pizza dough will start raise instantly. Turn the pizza dough every half a minute. Once you feel the pizza dough starts to harden, remove it to add the cheese on it and put it again on the stone.

Are you wondering where to get these chimineas?

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Eating pizza with friends is fun



The last thing to remember is to enjoy your chiminea area and to use to create unique moments for your community to remember. These lovely outdoor fireplaces are an investment of more than just money and offer to provide many great memories for you and your family. Take advantage of these moments every chance you get and make the most out of your time and your investment.

At Sol y Tierra, We wish you the best as you choose a chiminea!


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