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5 tips to bring Feng Shui to your outdoor space edition 2021

So you’ve mastered the art of peace and harmony inside of your home, but what happens when you need a little Feng Shui for your outdoor?
The patio, pergola, or backyard is where most of your time will be spent during the summer, so might as well make it a place of calm.

In Feng Shui, the high temperatures and bright sunshine of summer are associated with yang energy.
To balance this strong, yang energy, focus Feng Shui for your outdoor in rearrangements like cooling down, or adding the counterbalancing yin, or quieter, energy.

Discover ewasy tips for bringing Feng Shui to your own personal great outdoors.

1. Clear the Area

That means doing both a wash-down of the surface and clearing out old furniture and decor broken or not needed.
A component of achieving harmony through Feng Shui is surrounding yourself with the things you really love, as this can greatly increase your own energy and happiness.

Don't let the clutter take place, in Feng Shui space and volume are capital to feel the sense of lightness.

Feng Shui by Pottery Sol y Tierra

2. Consult Your Bagua

The bagua is the main chart of feng shui. It relates to all aspects of your life and helps you to understand where certain pieces of furniture and decor should be placed. Once you have it handy, you can arrange your outdoor seating area into the family area of the bagua so that space feels as comfortable and welcoming as possible. And your grill can be placed in the health or wealth corner, as a reminder of an abundance of food.

Feng Shui Bagua

3. Be Mindful of Your Senses

According to the principles of feng shui, you should be sure to decorate your outdoor space with aromatic herbs or fragrant flowers, as well as wind chimes or a small fountain.
These smells and sounds will help keep you serene and grounded while you’re entertaining or lounging alone during the summertime.

4. The Color Schemes

Color is incredibly important in achieving feng shui. When you’re planting your flowers, be sure to include purple or blue varieties in the wealth corner. White, pink, and red flowers in the romance and marriage corner. If you have a fence, paint it in red or green, they are lucky colors!

Beautiful gardens by Pottery Sol y Tierra

5. Make the five elements present

Feng Shui divides the world into five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have an space that doesn't feel quite right, try balancing the elements to make it more comfortable. Each element invokes a different mood, creating a customized space that's beneficial for your personality and goals.

At Sol y Tierra we work with the five elements as follows:

Water: this is so important as life itself. Our Oasis collection introduces beautiful solar powered water fountains to feel water everywhere you want.

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Fire: our garden fire places in the collection Fire bowl add this extra touch of senses to every backyard. Make any evening memorable by lighting the bonfire or just light some candles to make this basic element visible

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Earth: using the collection Terracotta to feel the grounding power of the earth even when eating. Terracotta is a new collection by Sol y Tierra, introducing platers, bowls, cups, chai cups, mugs all in natural pure red clay.

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Wood and Metal: find these two elements on our collection Chiminea. With the stands in metal and the body in real handmade clay, our chimineas will bring the rooting and calm to any given moment. Light the bonfire or just light some candles on a chiminea to feel the sense of grounding Feng Shui elements.

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