The healing power of water

The healing power of water - adding water to your garden decor

The healing power of water - adding water to your garden decor

What is the healing power of water ?

According to the University of Oregon, Water has tremendous healing potential for the human mind, body, and spirit. Water can emotionally benefit people because of its therapeutic nature. For thousands of years, adding water to landscaping has been known to help cure illness, refresh the body and relax the mind.

Have you ever observed a kid playing around a water fountain? If you did, you realized how the kid was calm. This is the natural power of water. If ever one of your children feels anxious or struggles to sleep, bring him near a public garden fountain or go near the water pond in a public park; he will instantly feel it.


The natural healing power of water has been observed for generations, and you can add this powerful natural element to your home and garden decor easily.

Can water heal the body?

The National Academy of Sciences did a deep study about his topic; you can read it by clicking on the link.

Water is a natural element; its presence strengthens focus and well-being. The presence of water and the soothing sound of the water stream brings no more than well-being and balance.

All of us know how important it is to feel well at home at this point in history. Surrounding yourself with natural elements in motion do so well that We all should have fountains with running water in the house and in the garden.

Water is a natural attraction to life

Can water heal you?

This is not a scientific article, but I enjoy gathering information from known sources to let you know that natural elements can boost our daily lives. Water is so powerful that adding it to your home office can strengthen your focus and create an ambiance for productivity and well-being. Adding salt to the water will make negative ions flow on-air, cleaning particles and boosting the benefits of water.

Combining the ionic process with the functionality of a water fountain provides a helpful reference to the air cleansing progression. Air is charged both positively and negatively at all times. Positive ions are discharged throughout the day regularly by household appliances such as televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens. When you breathe in these ions, you compromise your overall health. You feel these poor conditions via exhaustion, restlessness, and other unpleasant states of being.

An indoor water fountain will produce the negative ions that help you feel your best. When negative ions are introduced to your bloodstream, specific biochemical reactions are good for your health. These reactions improve your overall mood by increasing your body's level of serotonin. Increases in serotonin improve the symptoms of stress, fatigue, and depression. On top of all that, negative ions released by indoor water fountains help reduce air pollution and unnecessary odors.

Now you discovered the true power of water healing. In this, finding ourselves opens a new window of taking self-care while being indoors.

Adding water to the landscape to bring life

Why have a water fountain in the garden ?

Adding natural elements to your home and garden decor highlights your sense of delicate decoration. It creates a welcoming ambiance for your family and friends.
Water fountains can also be art since some are handmade and bring this timeless home decor.

If you have a fire pit or a clay chiminea, water fountains can add even more rustic farmhouse decor to the backyard.

Water fountains and ponds can provide a sense of calm and tranquillity and allow you to enjoy our sacred garden. Water features, fountains, and ponds can also provide a self-sustaining ecosystem for various nature and wildlife. They can welcome more life into your garden.

How to add the water element to your backyard?

Adding water features is very easy...or very complex.

The easiest path is to buy a water pump and DIY your own fountain with a bucket and the pump.

This can be in-grounded, and you will have the benefits of the soothing sound of water.

Adding water to the landscape

Here I gathered different ways to add the presence of water:

4 Ways to Add a Water Feature to Your Backyard1

  1. Install a solar-powered fountain. Hands down, the easiest way to add something that highlights water in your backyard is a ready to set-up solar fountain. ...
  2. Create a Mini Pond.
  3. Build a Recirculating Fountain. Fountains certainly look fancy, but they are actually easy to install yourself. ...
  4. Add a Bubble Fountain.

How to use water fountain?

Water fountains can be with or without a water pump. If you want to take the most convenient option, solar-powered water fountains are here to help.

They are designed to be operating right-out-of-the-box.

Place the fountain, fill it with fresh water, add a little salt to prevent algae, and set the solar panel under direct solar light.

For 24 hours of water running, the best choice is electric pumps. To enjoy an electric water fountain, You need to have electric plugs in the garden, which can be tedious if you don't have them installed yet.

When to use a water fountain?

Gardening is a great hobby and even more now, with the limitations due to the pandemic. Water fountains can be out for the majority of the year. Still, it is better to cover them during extreme cold seasons for cold weather.

Table fountains or stand-up fountains can be installed indoors, so be sure yours has a silent pump.


Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

This depends if you are near it or not. For solar fountains, they have a battery usually located behind the solar panel.

When switched OFF, the solar panel charges the battery up to the max. So if you plan to be outside for a day or two, let the solar fully charge the battery so once back at home, you can operate it during the evening as well.

For electric water pumps, they do not take a lot of electricity since they are small powered motors.

Where to buy a water fountain?

The best place to purchase your next water fountain is going to your local garden center. There you will be able to see and touch the fountain, so you feel as if it's the right one for you.

If that's not possible, here are a few on Pinterest and on Amazon

Here is a selection of water fountains for a garden that can run on electric pump :

and the most classic garden fountain with a solar-powered water pump ( no install or tools needed)

The top 3 solar powered fountains on Amazon

If ever you are after a complete redesign of your landscaping, this book can be helpful. It's so easy to do that just following these step-by-step pages will bring you to enjoy your own gorgeous oasis.

 Thanks for reading.

This blog was written by Bernat. He shares his thoughts on articles through a global community. Follow the blogs by adding your name at (bottom of the page)


This blog was written by Bernat. He shares his thoughts on articles through a global community. Follow the blogs by adding your name at (bottom of the page)


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