A roundup of these 3 best internet new discoveries to celebrate summer vibes

A roundup of these 3 best internet new discoveries to celebrate summer vibes

A roundup of these 3 best internet new discoveries to celebrate summer vibes

It's already august and this summer feels special after the COVID19 restrictions of the previous years.

From my side, I was in need to feel zen at home, being calm and relax at my little garden while welcoming friends and family.

So I decided to update my decor using some of the new products on store.

Here are my three essentials that made my garden become more welcoming during social gatherings.

Perhaps the #1 most popular design product of 2021 is inspired by old world pottery. And the #2 most popular trend is the new line of zen inspired water fountains! Bloggers and design enthusiasts everywhere have been practicing and perfecting the art of creating a nice and updated sense of home with all sorts of pottery finish and I can confidently say that I think they’ve nailed it!

I’ve seen countless incredibly realistic “aged” vases, textured lamps, and weathered terra cotta pots. And I noticed that a lot of the techniques are super similar, but subtle changes in material, color, or even the order in which you do things can drastically change the end result. So today we’re gonna discover these 3 best Amazon finds that toke by storm bloggers and décor creators.

#1 Clay Fire Pit Chiminea brazier.

Time will gave it a realistic old world pottery, A little brown, a little terra cotta orange, a little chipped, and 100% perfect!

Clay fire pit by Sol y Tierra


#2 Big Sphere Ball water fountain solar power garden décor

Doesn’t it look as real stone? This is made by using a new revolutionary poly resin based-product and finished with real fiber atone. So the texture is stone, the weight is resin. Tis product is so nimble that you can install it wherever you desire. The best of the stone to give this eternal garden décor.

Water fountain by Sol y Tierra

#3 Sphere with pedestal water fountain to create your own Garden Oasis

Have you ever visited an Asian botanical garden? Recreate the look at home, easily with this new internet find.


Which one will you adopt? I think I’m in love with chimineas, they fit my garden and I adore cuddling near a nice bonfire…even on summertime

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