10 tips for gardening in small spaces - wining hacks for gardening heroes

10 tips for gardening in small spaces - wining hacks for gardening heroes

Gardening for small spaces

Are you an enthusiast about gardening?

So we are.
We are excited to present this new blog post about how to create your outdoor cute garden in a small backyard.
As a gardening enthusiast, I read blogs very often, but I find all those are to describe big gardens. So I life in a tiny house and my yard is so small…only one of those a pergolas would take all the place.

Years ago I was learning bout window farming, this concept of growing veggies indoor…I love. Ever since I grow my Italian herbs at home.

Window farming, gardening for small spaces

 I’m kind of inspired by home and garden décor, I tend to choose minimalistic products for my self and I curate them for others. I enjoy simple living and the décor accents that I choose are durable, well constructed and enhance calm and Zen.

At the end, indoors or outdoors, the target is to create this intimate sense of home.

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Keeping my blog updated is something I do constantly. I'm inspired by creating an ambiance of beauty, warmth and welcoming atmosphere to welcome my loved ones and to make them feel comfortable in my home

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 I put together 10 easy gardening tips for small spaces, so you can set-up your dream outdoor living space, even if it’s tiny. This is great for you living in a urban apartment or tiny house, or even those having (as me) a small house entrance.

Gardening ideas for tiny homes


As said, finding good gardening ideas for small spaces is not easy. Pinterest, Instagram and others show impressive gardens, but what about the real homes or apartments?


In this post you will discover how easy is to gardening for small spaces and it’s like a therapy. I like to take things positively, so every time I sit down on my garden I think to myself…well…at least I don’t have to do the lawn (since is so tiny)


So let’s dive into it and let’s answer the question: how to build a garden in a small space?

Urban garden and garden pottery


We may all have dreams of big, never ending gardens, but the reality is that most of us simply don’t have the space.

There’s nothing wrong with that– with a little creativity even the smallest of spaces can give you plenty of joy of gardening, flowers, or even a relaxing outdoor green room all your own. Keep reading to learn more about plants for small spaces and how to make a garden with little space.

Here are my 10 tips to create your very own garden area


1 Using containers


Creating a Small Garden Space with containers to create this sense of space without clutter. Less is more in small living areas.

On the image above, you can view an sphere solar powered fountain behind the nice lavenders.

You can get the look in this Pinterest post

containers for gardening in a small space

If your space is too small for a wooden raised bed, you can also make gardens in small spaces using containers.

Containers are rectangular concrete planters, also known as box planters.

These are great to create this sense of botanical garden , where everything has its place and all is so coherent that it seems all had been there for years.

concrete planters for small gardens

You can choose a nice container garden to suit whatever space you have available. I curated this set-of-3 multi size containers for you

Plant things that have interesting foliage and bark and a long flowering period, so they beautify the space year-round. Plant a single large item, like a flowering bush or dwarf tree, to create a sense of varying levels and different views from different angles.

I selected these nice containers here on Amazon



2 incorporating the element water, solar water fountains fo complete the look


I curated these self powered water fountains, so you don’t need electricity wires, just to set-up the small solar panel and start enjoying the nice sound of the water stream.

Discover these solar powered water fountains


3 Using all the space to extend the outdoors living area


What about using all the space, even if it’s a tiny patio?

Do you find that you only really use one particular section of your garden? If so, dividing your space up into specific zones is a great way to maximise every inch.

As a basic layout, you can divide your garden area in three distinct areas for sunbathing, playing on the grass, and in order to create these sections, you can use box planters. They are easy to set-up and a great décor addition to your outdoor living area as well.

Garden layout

Raised bed for small garden

What about creating a mini path between those sections? This would be great to entertain your visits and to give your place a feeling of order and sense.


These set-of 3 concrete planters are great to ensure that even the very bottom of the garden is used.


4 Incorporating flooring for outdoors living room


Flooring is a really effective way to zone a garden space – see how the paving, grass and decking are used here. But if you can't change your flooring, look to screens, outdoor rugs or living walls, to create distinct 'rooms' within your garden. 

Garden rugs for decorating small outdoor areas


Small garden ideas can be quite subtle. Take this one, using zoning, a trick usually reserved for breaking up large indoor rooms into different areas – say, one for relaxing, and one for dining. The key to garden zoning is using different textures, colours or materials to differentiate between the areas. Flooring, for example, is perfect for doing this, and will create a larger-feeling, more interesting outdoor living space.




Container gardening is one of the best small garden ideas, especially if your garden has a patio or decking. The trick is to go for as many different types and heights of garden as possible: this will help add dimension and texture to the space. For instance, mix and match large terra-cotta pots with tall and slender glazed pots. And if you have a really small space, stack them up like this or wall-hang them to pack more in.

Concrete pots for gardening



Outdoor fireplaces are actually even better suited to smaller gardens than larger ones, for the simple reason you will really feel the cosiness in a smaller space.

If your house won't permit the addition of a fireplace structurally, consider getting a clay chiminea or look at fire pit ideas instead.



Even the tiniest garden can become a luxurious, relaxing sanctuary. You will have to decide what's most important to you – a fully planted up outdoor space, a nook for reading, perhaps even a tiny pond... However small your garden is, once you've decided what you want your space to be like, there's no reason you can't achieve it, with the help of a skillful garden designer or landscape architect. 

small garden decor ideas



'In a small space, a few large features are better than many small ones. Two or three big pots will have much more impact and look far more stylish than a dozen ill-assorted smaller ones. One tree, if you can fit it in, is better than three shrubs of a middling size,' says gardening expert and TV personality Alan Titchmarsh.

Small landscape ideas


9 Growing your food

how to grow a vegetable garden in a small space?

You can also think of growing Italian herbs for your foodies’ creations. Are you a hero of homemade pizza? Growing oregano is so easy as throwing seeds on a box container and water it often. Put this under morning sunlight and voila! Fresh herbs right away on your doorstep

Italian herbs on planter 



And by monochrome we don't mean black or white; washing your entire small garden in a deep, vibrant colour will create a jewel-box effect that's very attractive, and it'll distract from the small size of your garden. 

In the case you’d like to have pottery, add other elements in terracotta tones, maybe other plant pots or play with fabrics.


How to paint your outdoor living area 



Adding some outdoor potteries can create a huge impact recreating this sense of eternal décor. Even you can extend this feeling by using clay dinnerware sets, as these ones on Etsy


Are you a Pinterest aficionado? Discover these beautiful pins here


Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to contact me for suggestions, comments or ideas


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