Creating your dream garden - gardening tips for small spaces

Creating your dream garden - gardening tips for small spaces

Creating your dream garden for small spaces

Having a garden filled with greenery and unique décor brings pleasure to many gardeners.

Contemporary planters for small spaces

For many, gardening is a way to express creativity. But sometimes that creative spark doesn’t come easy. If you’re looking to spice up your landscape, toss a few colorful planters in the mix.

Container gardening is an easy way to add character and style to your green oasis. Let’s explore some of the many reasons planters can be fantastic additions to your garden. Planters are the simplest way to enhance any space with a pop of color and a bit of interest. With all sorts of design and size options out there, where do you start? Pottery Sol y Tierra products is a great place to find a variety of rectangular planters in only one set that you can work into your current indoor décor or outdoor garden scheme.


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Whether you love bold colors or more muted tones, you’ll be able to find the perfect plant for your containers.

Pottery for garden decor

Adding a chiminea pizza oven is so great! Sice those are clay made, clay chiimnea pizza oven will create an eye-catcher with the pottery style. But when gathering friends and family, nothing is more entertaining than firing your chiminea to cook some homemade pizzas on the charcoal or wood fired pizza oven. 

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Garden layout to create your own oasis


Check them out here. As many people are creating urban jungles inside their homes, container gardening is a growing in popularity. Garden planters come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small pots to large plant containers. If your apartment balcony or kitchen windowsill needs some TLC, a small 6” flower pot could be the perfect solution. Or say your living room or office needs a little something lively in the corner – a 17” planter would do just the trick. Using pots and planters is the easiest way to add a bit of brightness and life to your home.

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Boho garden decor


The beauty of using planters to create a garden is the ability to move them around and rearrange them as your heart desires. If you change your mind about the placement of a pot in your living room, you can conveniently pick it up or even roll it to another spot. 

You can also easily transfer your house greens into a different planter or pot for each new season, providing year-round interest. 

Creating a garden allows us the opportunity to include a piece of ourselves with the addition of lovely items, like planters, that express our personalities. Whether you already have a growing flower garden or are just getting started, Pinterest is a fabulous place to find one-of-a-kind planters and inspiration to make your home and garden look amazing. Begin your gardening journey here.

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