Cooking pizza on clay chiminea

Cooking pizza on clay chiminea

Is it possible to cook pizza on chiminea fire pit?

Clay Chimineas or garden clay fireplaces are a great decor accent. They add this eternal sense of decoration and a great piece of pottery as well.

Today you can find some models that offer capabilities as bbq'ing and pizza oven.

Discover these models of chiminea pizza ovens on Etsy

Even though Mexican chimineas are traditional garden ovens, there are some steps to take prior fire them up.

Read the following article no know:

  • how to use a chiminea

  • how to light a chiminea

  • how to cook a pizza on a chiminea garden fire pit.

There are a vast variety of chiminea on Pinterest, not all of them have pizza oven capabilities thought. Pay attention to the accessories.

Chiminea inspiration on Pinterest

how do you prepare home made pizza?

Making a pizza from scratch is not always easy. Today I want to share my recipe for an easy homemade pizza dough that's very forgiving if you're new to making dough from scratch. The best part is that it can be mixed by hand and doesn't require any kneading so it's really accessible for beginners and kids, too!

There are some garden pizza ovens as Forno bravo, but they lack of this timeless decor impact as the terra-cotta clay fire pit.

Pompeii Brickwood ovens are great, too. The only pros cons is they are taylor-made and the price ranges are from $7000 up to $15000.

Having your own pizza oven is a great way to throw pizza parties with friends and family at the ease of your home tranquility.

Backyard pizza parties are great evening events to highlight festivities.

Countertop pizza ovens are good, too but often they don't have the room for a full size pizza and the smell of smoke gets inside the house. 


how to make pizza for the wood oven?

Making pizza for a wood fired oven requires to adjust the recipe. Home ovens reach temperatures between 500F to 550F. Wooden fired pizza oven reach temperatures ranging from 900F or even more. This difference makes dough dry faster, creating the crust to be crunchy and even can make cheese burn.

So the first step is to adapt he hydration higher, more water will keep the center of the dough tender and the crust crispier...and the cheese will melt nbetter on a more hydrated crust.

Home made pizza recipe

how to prepare home made pizza?

The basic ingredients are water, wheat flour (type 00), salt, honey and yeast.

You will need:
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 1/2 cups of type 00 wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon active dry yeast
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 teaspoon salt

Disclaimer: this is for a classic Napolitain style pizza thin crust with 

Preparation: Add the yeast and honey to a small bowl with 1 cup of water and stir to dissolve. Let stand for a few minutes until foamy and add the rest of the water. Add the salt and flour to a large bowl and hand mix. Make a well in the center, and pour the water in. Mix with a fork to create a consistent ball. Cover and let double the size. Divide the ball in two. Preserve one in the fridge and with the other half, make a ball shaped dough, cover for 1 hour.

At this stage, the dough doubled the size and the bubbles surfaced. This is ready to flat with the hands. Start from the center and extend the dough in a round (pizza) shape. Add the main sauce, tomato sauce, pesto sauce or just milk cream (pizza bianca). Add the second layer of toppings (meat as sausages, pepperoni, pepper or other) Insert in the oven until the crust starts to harden, remove to add cheese and insert again until the cheese is bubbling. Remove and add basil leaves...this is ready to eat.

 Pizza party

Did you know? who eats more pizza in the world? According to the website Pure Travel, the ones eating more pizza in the world are not Italians, but here

how to cook pizza on a wood fired oven?

First of all, the chiminea needs to reach high temperature. 

Put a layer of charcoal on the bottom of the chiminea and fire it up. Once its warm, add the wood ( up to 2" diameter) and let flames heat the pizza stone. Once the temperature is 700F or higher, remove the pizza stone and add pizza dough on it. Replace pizza stone to the chiminea.

Since the temperature is so elevate, the pizza dough will start raise instantly. Turn the pizza dough every half a minute. Once you feel the pizza dough starts to harden, remove it to add the cheese on it and put it again on the stone.


how long to cook pizza in wood oven?

When cooking at 700F or more, the cooking time for a complete pizza is as short as three minutes. This allows to have some pizza prepared forehand, so you can cook multiple pizzas in a short period of time.


how to use a wood pizza oven?

Wood fired ovens, specially clay chimineas need to reach temperature gradually. Otherwise clay might crack or even collapse. 

Use charcoal first and once the clay is hot, you can add wood. Suggested sice is diameters of 2 to 3 ". The flames should not escape from the top of the flute (chimney)

When used on a wooden floor as gazebo or patio, it's highly suggested to use a protective mat. This prevents floor damage from the heat coming out from the bottom of the chimney and protects as well of flying sparks of the wood.

It's suggested as well to protect clay fire pit with a cover. Let fireplace cool down before placing the cover.

chiminea pizza oven

What are best pizza toppings for pizza?


Classic Napolitain pizzas are topped with pepperoni, sliced tomatoes, fine herbs, grated parmesan cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese. Feel free to add sliced black olives, anchovy, tuna, bacon...creativity is the king. 
Family activities on the kitchen
Pizza making is a great activity to make with children. As they take part of the making, it enriches their creativity and enhances this parent - child communication as well...and maybe inspires them to become a chef.

Facts about pizza ovens

1 Temperature

Woodfired Pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular. Kiln dried wood for cooking with these ovens is great for smokeless cooking.

2 Positioning

The kiln dried wood is lit in the oven and when the oven gets hot and ready for cooking the logs are pushed to one side, producing a flame over the top of the oven that cooks the food.

3 Firelighters

When you start a fire in a wood fired pizza oven use natural firelighters and some kiln dried kindling together with a stack of kiln dried wood.

4 Kiln Dried Wood

It’s important to use kiln dried logs when cooking with a woodfired oven. Kiln dried logs have a low moisture level and produce a high heat, ash is the most popular species for wood fired ovens, but you can also use oak and birch.

5 Ready to cook

You can use a thermometer to check the oven is ready for cooking, the time you need to wait before cooking varies depending on the size of the oven.


If you are considering to purchase a clay chiminea Mexican fire pit, please consider these models here

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