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Feeling Christmas all around

Getting into the Christmas spirit

I firmly believe it’s never too early or too late to decorate for Christmas—and while there’s something so magical about decorating with my kids, I think the best time to start planning Christmas is actually in the middle of the fall season. Yes, I know some people might start to prepare during summer, others right after Thanksgiving (call me tardy)

As I carry a minimalist lifestyle, I do a short to-do list, keeping it simple and joyful.

Currently, I am decluttering my home, but this does not mean that I'm not adding colors and textures to my decor to get into the holidays mood.

Passing from the early fall season mood to Christmas time can be a long emotional process, so I take it one step at a time.

Christmas ornaments

Every year I suffer autumnal asthenia, and by the time I'm getting back on track, Christmas is just there. So here in the Eastern Townships in Canada, temperatures go down in early September, and I need at least a month or so to acclimate myself and find inspiration to go through it.

Managing my small business and parenting is not always easy, and I guess it is not always easy for you, either.


In this new post, you will discover the following content

  • Getting into the Christmas spirit
  • Playing Christmas music in the background 
  • Cooking for Christmas
  • Hang up Christmas ornaments
  • A lovely conversation with Beth, from modernlivingbybeth
  • Caring for yourself and for your family
  • Family activities for the holidays season
  • Investing time reading
  • Turning off the lights
  • My gift for you


I appreciate having music in the background while working on my blogs, and on my books. In case you didn't know, I write articles about cooking recipes, lifestyle, home decor, and outdoor activities.

Here Is this beautiful Christmas songs video I have right now in the background while I'm creating this blog. Maybe you want to play it while reading. It would be nice to grab a cup of coffee or spicy chai tea now. This is a 3 minutes read.


Creating Christmas spirit in the home


Playing Christmas music in the background while preparing for Christmas decor is a great activity to get into the holiday's vibes.

Great songs such as "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, "O Holy Night" and "Believe" by Josh Groban are great examples. They will help you lift your spirit and to create the joy of welcoming your family and guests with your best decor possible. A touch of love here and there, and you are set to create memorable moments.

 DIY Christmas decor

Making a batch of Christmas cookies is also one of my favs to do. Make sugar cookies by following this easy recipe ( I said to myself if they had gathered +100"s 5-star reviews its worthy of putting it time and just preparing.

 My favorite part is to decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, etc. They'll smell wonderful while baking and are sure to help out the Christmas fun with your kids if you have.

Having the kids decorate their own cookies is excellent fun, too.

Sugar cookies, so easy and so yummy

If you can't make cookies but want your house to smell nice, you can get some scented candles or some Christmas-y scented room spray. It makes your house smell like the holiday season, but without the mess!

 DIY Christmas tree

Hanging up Christmas ornaments. 


Gathering the ornaments and hanging them is also one of my family's most loved Christmas decor to-dos. This year (as the previous), I do a visit at Michaels, but also I do not skip my visit to the dollar store nearby for cheap and fun DIY essentials, as I appreciate spending time creating my own crafts. I find lots of inspirations on Pinterest by just tapping "DIY Christmas decor".

It's not that enjoyable to focus on the ornaments and just get them done fast. But when you have fun and joy, the outcome is much better. Dance with the Christmas music, put a garland up, add little trinkets of Santa Claus, angels, and whatnot. You will see, as others will, too.

Also, having other family members help with the tree is excellent. My kids are a great help. I'm so grateful to have them around, and by the time their school is finishing, we get to spend more time together. 

I"m a dad of three beautiful teenagers, 13, 17 and 18. they are my greatest achievement in my life; year after year, they keep me motivated to create quality time for Christmas.

I enjoy being creative. This year I use Christmas postcards to bring my décor more joyful and different way. I made a selection here, on my Etsy shop. You can print them right away, no shipping, no delays.

 Christmas decor

Spending time with family and friends. 

This probably is the most essential way to feel happy. Make some cookies, invite a few friends over, and watch a Christmas film like "White Christmas."

In the years that I hadn't my kids around, I found a party to go to, instead of organizing it all myself. It makes for a nice change.

I enjoy social media. I find inspiration on Instagram and Facebook and I appreciate the knowledge and fine home decor that I discover there.

My Instagram account Pottery Sol y Tierra gathers a community through inspirations for life and homes. Lucky enough, some of the members of my community are skilled home decor enthusiasts. I thought interesting to exchange about Christmas preps with one of my favorites, Beth, from modernlivingbybeth.


A lovely conversation with Beth, from modernlivingbybeth


I feel inspired by family moments that I discover on social media. I enjoy family time but also I feel joy by knowing other people are having fun. Instagram brings me this window to express my daily life and also to discover how my community is doing.

Modernlivingbybeth is on Instagram


I recently asked to one of my community members Beth what she was into and how she was preparing for Christmas times.

modernlivingbybeth is a home décor enthusiast who decor her Instagram post in one of the most lovely styles that I've seen 

Amazing home made cooking delights

Follow her for lovely home décor, amazing cooking creations, and to discover her lovely husband and children.

To know more about Beth's home décor style and inspiration, please follow this link to her curated décor essentials.


 Curated by Beth


Hello Beth, and welcome to this blog. 

This is the first guest blog, so thanks for taking part in it.

Thank you so much for having me as your first guest, I am truly honored

Who is Beth?

I am a wife, mother to two adorable girls, and a clinical dietitian.
I have a passion for home decor, hosting, entertaining and I love spending time with my babies.

Why do I love decorating?

Home decor has always made me happy. It takes my mind off whatever is going on in the world, and I get to focus my energy on something beautiful.

It’s also a great outlet where I get to share my creativity in hopes of inspiring others.

How to create holiday vibes with home decor?

It’s easy to incorporate holiday vibes in your decor by picking certain seasonal elements and the color of your choice.

Certain holidays used to be tied to certain colors but these days you can go with whatever color your heart desires.


Where do you find inspiration for your delightful home decoration?

I find inspiration everywhere around me, by keeping an open mind and trying new and different things.

I am a visual person and I love everything pretty, so as soon as I find an item that catches my eye I get inspired.


Beth's interior design

Why does home decor matter?

We all spend so much time at home, and I believe that living in a well- decorated and neat home brings happiness and good vibes. Home decor is so versatile, and all you have to do is find your style and surround yourself with beauty. Decor also brings my family together as my little girls love decorating and moving things around with me.

It’s very precious to see!

What are my favorite family activities for the holidays season?

During the holidays, my girls and I love baking and making seasonal treats. Another tradition we have is a special breakfast board on the day of the holiday. We also love seasonal crafts and little-themed parties here and there.

I'm grateful to have had this interaction with Beth.

Know more about Beth by following her Instagram posts at modernlivingbybeth

 Discover more on modernlivingbybeth Instagram

Caring for Yourself and for your family

Modern life can bring us this feeling of overwhelm and stress. Seasonal festivities are a great opportunity to take time for joyful preparations and sharing moments with family and friends.

Sometimes I personally feel that It's hard to stay mindful in contemporary life because I've got so many things to check and not so much time to sit down and relax.

I do carry a mindfulness notebook to take time to write often; here is mine available on all Amazon marketplaces.


My trick to unwind


My trick is good for Christmas and for the rest of the year, and it's just to take time out. 

I adore taking my camper van and losing myself in the woods, hiking on the trails for hours, and coming back home with renovated energy. 

My mum used to say, "Bernat, go and just do things for yourself".  So every now and then, I do solo adventures to relieve the pressure of always preparing and being around frantic activity. 

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, so do not even try; by taking breaks, you will feel refreshed and able to cope with difficult people all the more constructively.

 I wrote this article about being yourself during these difficult times

Loving yourself

Family activities for the holidays season

The holidays season is a great moment to do family activities.

Depending on the ages your kids and family have, you can choose more participative activities or more quiet ones.

I especially enjoy finding new ones every year. This year I have an Advent Activities notebook where I create cards for every day, including the activity and a short review about how my kids enjoy them.

Find Holidays activities for families right from Pinterest here.

Also, Thechaosandtheclutter, a known blog written by Sharia, just published fun family games. Discover the details by clicking on the image below

Family activities for Christmas 

Do you want something even more fun?

I've just found this TikTok video, and this looks too fun, even for adults.

Investing time reading

I like to escape from daily duties by reading. I read every day, and as the advent calendar brings me to Christmas, I start reading prayers books and motivational booklets. Here is my book Prayers pocketbook for dads.

 Prayers book for dads

I also enjoy reading poetry books. I enjoy discovering American poets, and I recently found a poem by Robert Frost.

The more I read Robert Frost, the more I enjoy the fall season and the path to the winter solstice.

I recently published my poetry book called Autumnal Perspectives on the internet.

Autumnal Perspectives is a book of verses and poems and captivates the reader's attention by gathering some of the most popular fall season-themed poems..

This selection of traditional American Verses is autumn poems of remembrance, beauty, and an awareness of the cycles of life.

Yes, I'm also writing books. If you have been following me on social media, you know I sell pottery on-line but also I enjoy updating my blogs...and now I created this new website to show cast my books and also my author's page on Amazon. My books are all about traditions, mindfulness and prayers.

Please visit this blog article about reading poetry books 

Poetry for nostalgic moments

This selection of traditional American Verses is autumn poems of remembrance, beauty, and an awareness of the cycles of life.

Coming back to holidays home decor, I build excitement all month with an oversized advent calendar. The felt pockets, marked with precut numbers, are big enough to hold little gifts—from notebooks to yo-yos to mini candy boxes—( and Ferrero Rocher chocolate gems ). It can be modified to pack eight pockets for the nights of Hanukkah or a week's worth for the lead-up to a monumental birthday any time of year.

Speaking about Hanukkah, I found this guide easy for me to understand and appreciate the festivities of my local Jewish community.

All about Hanukkah

What is Hanukkah?

The holiday celebrates the Jews defeating Syrian-Greek oppressors who had tried forcing them to abandon their religion and adopt Greek culture. The story has it that, led by Judah Maccabee, they recaptured the holy temple in Jerusalem. Arriving there, they found only enough olive oil to light candles for one night. It lasted for eight nights. 

Using themed Holiday Tableware

For a festive dinner table, look through your cupboards and get out any dishes that fit the holiday theme. colors and textures add an extra layer of home decor.

This is a great way to start a set of holiday dishes with dinner plates that can also coordinate with your everyday dishes.

Nothing calls more for classic and cozy as these terra cotta dinner plates.

Find mines on Etsy 


Turn off the Lights 

I appreciate playing with lights and shadows at home. Is not only about tangible decor items but to create the ambiance.

If you like it, too, arrange a generous amount of candles on the dining table. Even if you're just having leftovers, you can dine by candlelight and feel that your meal is special.

Use a single string of lights to decorate your entrance. Outline the front door, wrap the lights around the awning and decorate the potted plants as well. You can also hang a wreath on the front door, which can also feature Christmas lights.

When it comes to lighting, you can also burn a fire in the fireplace each evening and encourage family and friends to gather around.

Activities like reading, homework, writing Christmas cards, and even a brief snooze are great around the fireplace.

But if as me, you don't have a fireplace, candles are here to help.

For a more exotic touch, you can use small candles on these handmade diyas from Sol y Tierra.


Use Christmas Colors

Of course, it's imperative that you put up a Christmas tree for the right holiday vibe. You can use an artificial tree, a real one, or a very small desk tree if you are concerned about size.

DIY Christmas tree

For decorations, drape real or artificial garlands on railings, over mirrors, on the top of armoires, and along the mantle. Use additional ornaments to add wonderful color to your home to make the extra season special.

Also, these phenomenal home decorations make any table a piece of art.

Table decor for Christmas 


Christmas music 

Studies have shown that listening to music is good for your mental health, and this includes Christmas music as well.

Nothing calls more for Christmas than being welcomed at the local grocery store by Maria Careys' « all I want for Christmas is you » fact!

Listen to Spotify's most popular Christmas list here.

 Christmas Hits on Spotify

Uplifting music - like Jingle Bell Rock, Frosty the Snowman, and A Holly Jolly Christmas, to name a few - has been known to have a positive effect both physically and psychologically...and as a side effect, makes me want to buy chocolate (and never knew why lol)

According to these studies, the feeling associated when listening to themed music fall into two types, 

  • perceived emotions (when we appreciate the emotional tone of the piece but not feel that emotion ourselves) 
  • And felt emotions. Felt emotions are when we connect to the feeling behind the piece we are listening to, and it can impact our emotional state.

So, listening to Christmas songs may make you feel nostalgic for your childhood or just generally happy - rather than a Grinch - because your brain has already created positive associations with the music. And it's been proven.

Fun fact: would you like to discover the most listened Christmas songs by state? Click on the image below to find it out.

Most listened Christmas songs


My gift for you

...and finally, I wish you many blessings, much happiness and even more love.

Christmas time is for me, a moment to recap. I truly appreciate every post, every like, and share. I feel grateful for of all you that supported my blog, my business, and my dream during these last years.

During these changing times, I feel appreciative, and grateful to had have the opportunity to add value to the conversation, and to maybe give a few moments of entertainment through my blogs.

You can download and print my Christmas greetings card here to decorate the table or your home here.

If you like to decorate your home with traditional Christmas wall art, please consider these ones from my Etsy shop (I've just created a 10% OFF storewide)


Thanks for reading

Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra


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