Giveaway Traditional Dinnerware Set

Win a set of timeless clay dinnerware that will last for a lifetime of gathering and entertaining.

In the world we know today, true hospitality requires one to be a rebel.

Traditional presentation plate

The act of opening yourself up to give or receive a meal is a radical one. It flies in the face of a culture fixated on speed and self-reliance.

In celebration of the upcoming fall season, today’s giveaway is for a full 8-pieces handmade dinnerware set from our collection Terracotta!

This handmade traditional set features the following: 1x 10" dinner plate, 4x 4" bowls, 1x 1cup mug and 2x tumblers

This contemporary yet classic collection will help you set a beautiful table when hosting friends and family.

When we invite people into our homes, we offer a sanctuary where community is built and friendships are cemented. Hospitality, like a traditional homemade meal, may well be the obvious practice that is saving the world, one meal at a time.

Now, I truly believe that hospitality is about being rather than having, but it’s still wonderful to be able to have a matching table-setting for twelve.

And there are no dishes that are more beautiful and more timeless than the ones from Pottery Sol y Tierra collection Terracotta. These are plates and bowls that can be passed down to a new generation of hosts.

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Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra
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