We believe

We believe that surrounding ourselves with beautiful minimalistic home and garden decor brings a more balanced lifestyle.

We are a home decor enthusiasts inspired by slow living.

Isn't true that the harmony on your home and its objects have a direct impact on ourselves? Beauty envelops us in a state of lasting tranquility.

Our company Pottery Sol y Tierra offers unique items for an exquisite, exclusif home and garden decor essentials for a meaningful minimalistic lifestyle.

Our collections will bring you a touch of timeless decor to enhance your well-being. Welcome your loved ones and friends and make them feel at home with our exclusif fire pits, water fountains and handmade kitchenware.

Pottery Sol y Tierra offers products for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Visit our catalog to adopt a minimalist style for a fulfilling live.

Our products add an exotic decor and for sure they will be the center of unique warm moments.

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