Quiz Which natural element are you?

Now you discovered Which Natural Element are you.

Let me introduce this theory

According to the five elements theory, everything in nature is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. This is intended as an explanation of the complexity of nature and all matter by breaking it down into simpler substances. It is said that understanding the theory behind these five elements of nature can help understand the laws of nature and to use this knowledge to achieve greater health and happiness.

Each element is associated with different structures and functions in our body. Among other things, yoga can be an effective means to control the five elements of our body through specific asanas, meditation and mudras.


The element of Earth is usually referred to as grounding and calming. It keeps the ego in balance and regulates the energy of bones, muscles, and tissues and plays a role in inflammations and infections.

Since pottery is made of the mix of soil and water, I identify myself with clay pottery as magnet.

Earth as a natural element in nature


Water is characterized by its ability to flow, adapt, and bind substances as well as its healing nature that nourishes and binds the body. It regulates the blood and other bodily fluids and is associated with health conditions like joint pain. You can associate this Nature element with source water. Drink it often on clay cups to add it natural minerals from the Earth and to add this "misty" flavour.

Water as Natural element


The Fire element acts as a cleanser that burns up toxins and impurities, thereby keeping diseases at bay. It is the source of heat and power and brings confidence and courage. It’s the energy of your metabolism and creativity. Excess in Fire can express itself as anger or hatred.

Symbolizing fire with a small candle brings control to the fury and focus to the energy. Light small candles on these handmade lamps Diyas to create the ambience of comfort and focus at home.

Diyas candle for calling Fire as natural element

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