Home decor enthusiasts wanted

Home decor enthusiasts wanted

We are a global on-line business based in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Canada.

We believe that the minimalism touch of our home decor can bring joy, satisfaction, plentiness to every home.

We are proud to spread the joy of our beautiful and exclusive home & garden decoration in Canada and the US and we want to partner with home decor enthusiast across the nation.

**We look forward to meet new Brand ambassadors in the US and Canada**

We have different programs to adapt to the requirements of retailers and individuals.

The Ambassador program is a drop-shipping based program.

It means the Ambassador uses his/hers social media platforms as Facebook marketplace or Instagram to publish our products. We will provide the files and some orientations for the text.

We take care of invoicing, shipping, queries and returns (very low volume). No investment or purchase required. Our ambassador gets a good percentage of every sale, after every sale.

For existing retailers, We offer an entry-level program as low as five units of purchase volume and get great starting discounts.

Please, contact us for details.

Bernat from Pottery Sol y Tierra

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