The book about chimineas

The book about chimineas

The most ambitious book yet by America’s bestselling chimineas star and grill expert is here. Setting out on the chiminea trail a years ago, Bernat Riera reviewed uncountable recipes—yes, uncountable—and collected the easiest and most of the tastiest to adapt to this garden timeless piece of pottery, the clay chiminea.

Chiminea on the lake

Life most tantalizing, easy-to-make, and guaranteed-to-wow recipes from every corner of the globe at home and be the hero of the next backyard party.

Welcome to The book about chimineas, the book that will take America’s passionate, obsessive, smoke-crazed live-fire cooks to the next level.


The book about chimineas, with full-color photographs throughout, is an unprecedented marriage of food and culture. From burgers to pizza and to vegetarian recipes, everything tastes better on the chiminea.

In addition to the recipes, the book showcases inventive ways to use the chiminea and tips about what type of firewood to use.

Join the legion of followers that already read the brief and as them all say: "what a book"

Burger on the chiminea

The book about chimineas is the world first book for garden cooking aficionados.

In this book, you will find:

  • User instructions

  • Cooking tips

  • Maintenance hacks

  • and recipes

The book about chimineas is available worldwide on the main internet stores

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