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Black dinner set - 5 pcs - Charcoal collection -

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Enjoy presenting meals with this elegant full service black dinnerware set of our collection Charcoal.

These Japanese styled sets are made to highlight your delicious meals enhancing calm and observation due its delicate finish.


This collection had been handmade by using a unique advanced technology on stoneware.

Reactive glaze creates a unique finish due to a fusion when thermo reaction.

In the firing process, each reaction effect will create a different ton, making your dinnerware set unique.

The set includes :

1x 9 inch diameter x 3 inch heigh presentation bowl

1x 8 1/4 inch diameter x 2 inch height bowl

1x 8 inch diameter x 1 inch height dessert plate

2x 4 1/4 inch diameter x 2 1/2 inch heigh tumbler for side dish, tumbler or sake cup

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