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Collection Terracotta - Medium Handmade cake mold salad bowl for food presentations 8 inch

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Handmade cake mold salad bowl for food presentations 8 inch

Enhance the presentation of your exotic or traditional meals with this bowl and pair it with traditional handmade Indian-style plates.
Dimensions are 8 inches or 27 cm in diameter and 3 inches or 7 cm high.

Capacity is 1.5 liters or 6.25 cups

Our handmade traditional products are made from pure organic clay, lead-free, for a healthy life, according to the Ayurveda approach.

This large salad bowl for decorative presentation plates is made in terracotta as ceramic traditional pottery. This handmade natural clay has a perfect diameter for any storage or kitchen decor application.

Combine this large bowl with our range of handmade dishes, artisan mugs, saucepan, and pot to achieve the traditional rustic boho look for your kitchen decor.

Our entire Terra-cotta collection is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.
Before use, soak in clean, cool water for 30 minutes, and air dry for 24 hours.
Follow this simple one-time process to make sure all the pores are clean and the clay is ready to use. You can repeat it to remove grease or oil stains.

This bowl was designed to enhance your minimalist lifestyle and surround you with beautiful everyday beautiful products. We strive that beauty and practicality go together, well, is just perfect.
Get the original traditional look with modern comfort as this can go to the dishwasher.

Make it yours now, as long as the inventory lasts.

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